TM44 Air Conditioning Energy inspection reports

The energy performance of building regulations (2007) states by law new air conditioning systems over 12kw installed after January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of being put into service.

Under new legislation, in accordance with the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD), air conditioning systems require an energy performance inspection every 5 years. Under the new legislation the owner of a building could be liable for an initial fine of £300 followed by the possibility further fines pending a certificate being produced. : Penalties 6.3

The legislation affects everyone in England & Wales that has a building with a single or multiple air conditioning system with a total installed cooling capacity of over 12kw.

Air conditioning energy inspections will be carried out by our energy assessor who is Quidos accredited in accordance with CIBSE document TM44.

The inspection will give detailed advice to ensure that your system is running efficiently and cost effectively, with advice being given on long term financial benefits.

The report will ensure that building/business owners have basic information regarding the efficiency of the air conditioning systems they control, and have all the information to ensure cost efficiency and how the system may be improved.

The TM44 energy inspection involves the inspection of a percentage of indoor equipment along with all of the outdoor equipment depending on the type of system: Split type systems require a minimum of 3 units or 10% of the units. VRF type systems require 10% of the indoor units (provided that the system appears to be well maintained) and all of the outdoor units. Chillers/Fan coils a minimum of 1 in 50 of the indoor units and all of the outdoor equipment.

The assessor will advise at the time if further units require inspection.

Air conditioning reports are aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your air conditioning system. The inspection will highlight any areas in which a saving can be made to your system, this could be through identifying problems with your system, highlighting minor modifications to be made, or through recommending a new system throughout. It is a legal requirement to have the air conditioning report completed.

There is no obligation or requirement to act on any advice given. All air conditioning inspections are completely non invasive, don’t require any down time and can be completed with no or little disruption to your business activities. Contact us now for more information.